Globepay, Freedompay & other Funds for sale

  • Salamualekun,
    I have Globe pay inc(blue),freedompay universe,, Perfect Money, ADVCASH and others for sale.
    I only sell REAL FUNDS.
    I hate it when fake people contact me asking for FLASH FUNDS.
    Question: what do you gain from scamming people? People pay and ask for real funds and then you send them fake or flash funds that dissappears in days.
    I am a Muslim and have a heart.
    Let’s do genuine business people.
    Send me a message now:
    Telegram: @arhammohammed
    Email: [email protected]

  • This person is a scammer, he took $ 350 from me to send Perfect Money, and he has been missing for two days.
    Be careful not to trust him


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