The 5 Habits That Marketing Teams Better Manage Their Workflows Have in Common

  • Although there is an idealized image of the work carried out by advertising and marketing professionals, possibly marked by what appears in series and movies, the truth is that their workday is far from being so glamorous.

    Instead of constantly thinking of brilliant ideas, they are stuck in endless meetings. They are not always being innovative. Possibly they are always responding to multiple emails from bosses, colleagues and various clients. In fact, as a study just showed, the time marketers spend on their most valuable work is only 19% of their workday.

    The figure is shocking and somewhat depressing. It is also the starting point for an analysis published by Clickz on what the marketing teams that achieve the best results do. They are those who can dedicate more time to creativity and innovation and those who do not see how the hours go by covering trifles. These are five key habits that help create a framework in which better results are possible.

    An organization of processes
    In a way, there is a belief that Best Database Provider when you are creative and innovative, order matters very little. However, the reality is somewhat more complex and creativity also implies work. In the case of marketing work, being able to organize things well, what and how to do it is also crucial.

    It is not going to be a drag on creative work or innovation, but it will be a great help to reduce redundant work, wasted time or resources or endless meetings that seem like they are going to get nowhere. If you want to be able to dedicate time and attention to the things that you feel are important, you have to organize your day to day to create fluidity at work.

    Centralize work
    And in that way to create work routines and organization in the analysis, they also recommend centralizing the work. As they point out, this improves the transparency and trust of the team, but also creates a certainty that the work will be done.

    Collaboration becomes easier, because there is a central 'hub' to which everyone has access and which clarifies what is happening and who should do what. Individual work and small teams continue to operate, but they do so in a context in which things are clearer.

    Collaboration must be accompanied by a context
    This point has become, they warn, even more important in the era of teleworking. Technology helps manage workflow and understand what each person is doing, even when each person is at home working remotely.

    This does not mean sending endless chains of emails, but rather creating a collaborative environment that makes things easier and easier. There are multiple technological tools that help to achieve this.

    Repetitive tasks can be automated
    Marketers plan to WhatsApp Mobile Number List automate goal control, budget, finance and work time tracking, or resource management for years to come. They are repetitive tasks, but they are time consuming and lead the team to lose hours of work. If a machine can do it, now is the time to leave it up to them to free up time for teams to do more vavaluableings.

    Things are changing: the time has come to adjust to those changes
    And finally, the most innovative teams are always very aware of how things change and how they must adapt and change their work to respond to those challenges.

    For example, right now, the most efficient teams are focusing on improving their capabilities in customer experience, faster response or improved communication with stakeholders . Let's say they are not resting on their laurels and are aware that they need constant work.


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