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  • Lost Ark has multiple classes, each with unique attributes and skills. All of these main classes are generic and cannot be restricted to a specific role. So within each class there are subclasses that excel at specific roles. Arcana is a mid-range class with fast combos and quick moves. It can stack cards on enemies for higher damage bursts. Players can randomly draw cards from the deck for various buffs. If players want better performance, it is also necessary to buy a large amount of Lost Ark Gold from in advance.

    Although players can earn gold coins by completing tasks, acquiring Lost Ark Gold in this way is not only inefficient, but also consumes a lot of energy and time. For most players, this is not worth the loss. Therefore, many players will Buy Lost Ark Gold through online stores, among which MMOWTS is the first choice for many players. More than 90% of the products on MMOWTS are cheaper than the market, and their VIP members will also get an additional 5% discount. The special protocol they provide ensures that all transactions are safe and secure and will not affect the security of your account. And their delivery is fast, 95% of orders are completed within 15 minutes. Just to go!


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