Elden Ring features core mechanics

  • Elden Ring is nearly here, and while once "I doubt you could even imagine it," was most of what we knew, we've now learned a whole lot about the next Soulslike FromSoftware game. After its initial reveal at E3 in 2019, FromSoftware largely went silent to work on Elden Ring. It reappeared with a big gameplay reveal in June 2021 and since then we've been treated to all sorts of new details.

    Much like Dark Souls and Bloodborne before it, Elden Ring features core mechanics like light and heavy attacks, dodging, blocking, parrying, and ranged attacks with bows and magic. However, Elden Ring also has many new gameplay mechanics of its own — many of which tie into the game's open-world design.

    Obviously avoid this if you want to go in dark, but at just a few minutes you should be fine. It does look a little rough around the edges technically, but that’s easy to forgive when the artstyle is this interesting and the gameplay is so slick. Will you be picking up Elden Ring day one, or are you still waiting for those all-important reviews?

    As hoped, Elden Ring did show up at the Summer Game Fest event hosted by Geoff Keighley at the start of E3. In this three minute trailer, FromSoftware showed off a good chuck of gameplay with all sorts of familiar Souls game action. The art design is absolutely Souls, and a lot of the series staples are here, too. Resting at bonfires, backstabs, giant bosses.

    One of Elden Ring's biggest new features is the inclusion of Torrent, a horse-like mount that the player can use for combat and for exploration. Players can summon Torrent whenever they'd like while outdoors, though the mount can't be used during multiplayer co-op or PvP. Attacking while mounted does significant damage, though players won't have as much control as they do while fighting on foot. Some enemies can use mounts of their own as well.

    Elden Ring is expected to release Feb. 25, 2022, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. Elden Ring preorders are available now if you'd like to purchase your copy of the game before it arrives.

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