IPTV Traffic Observation (1): Development from "Pilot" to "Regular"

  • The large-screen TV business represented by IPTV, as the home display center, has become one of the most valuable carriers, taking on important viewing and entertainment functions. With the rapid development of IPTV users, the intelligent, integrated, digital and value-based transformation of large-screen traffic is imminent.

    This article focuses on the exploration and layout of IPTV traffic operations, and discusses the whatsapp marketing list possibility of IPTV mining more market increments to complete traffic marketing, service expansion, and scene extension. The first article reviews the development of IPTV traffic advertising services.

    At first, in the process of standardization and standardization of OTT large-screen traffic marketing, IPTV gradually awakened and realized that it has unique advantages for "advertising", whether it is order of magnitude, credibility, coverage, and penetration. Performance. Although, subject to the characteristics of the industry and the strict audit management mechanism, it takes courage and wisdom to be the first to eat "crabs", but the process of backward realization of IPTV traffic will continue to move once it is started.

    alt text

    A few years ago, a group of outstanding players emerged on the road of IPTV advertising exploration, such as Jiangsu Telecom and Shanghai Telecom. After keenly aware of the market demand, they carried out a series of explorations based on advertising services. Soon, the exploration of IPTV advertising sprang up, and various companies entered the game after waiting and watching, and the slowdown in the growth rate of basic IPTV business revenue accelerated the process in disguise. But at that time, everyone's understanding of the advertising business was limited to a pilot business based on the platform's backward revenue, which was mostly divided into innovative projects, without the support of a professional technical team and operation team, or even a marketing link to open up the market and resources.


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