Clinical case report and bibliographic review

  • That conversion might be purchasing your product, filling out your form, calling your business, opening a chat, downloading an eBook, signing up for a webinar, visiting a certain page or any other action that provides value to your business. But, regardless of what your specific conversion may be, the goal of your advertising efforts is to get as many people as possible to do it. Unfortunately, conversion rate optimization can sometimes be a bit tricky.

    You are not your target customer, so it can be hard to predict what advertising message and landing page content will produce the best results. To handle this, CRO experts—like our team here at Disruptive—test different executive email list versions of landing pages to determine which version gets the most conversions. But how do you know what to test? To be honest, there are all kinds of people out there who will tell you “this tweak increased conversions by 250%” or “here’s a trick that drove 100 new leads a day for my business!” As exciting as these case studies are, though, their results often don’t translate well to other businesses.

    After all, conversion rate optimization is all about optimizing your landing pages for your audience, so there’s no guarantee that what worked for another business in another industry will work for you. Instead, it’s usually more helpful to focus on general principles and core concepts that show up in a variety of successful tests. At Disruptive, we’ve run thousands of tests and we’ve found that principles are far more useful for optimizing your pages than trying to apply someone else’s optimizations to your own site.


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