He might be getting on in terms of his age

  • Matthijs de Ligt has established himself as one of the most outstanding defensive players in Europe thanks to his talent at securing him a move to Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich in the summer. The Dutch beast is a total defensive wall and his skills are exactly reflected by his FIFA 23 rating.

    De Ligt has had a notable speed improvement in FIFA 23 as compared with previous years. With 75 speed, 84 defense and 87 physical, he will make it a nightmare for attackers to take on. He's also a "lengthy player with the brand new AcceleRATE system of FIFA 23, which will allow him to keep pace with any attacker and muscle them away from the ball.

    At just less than 10,000 FUT coins De Ligt would be a perfect pick-up item for anyone who is part of an Bundesliga squad.There's plenty of time for Rice to become a talented DM. The players in FIFA 23 should keep in mind that they should not take any shots at goal against this player because Rice isn't an effective finisher in any means.

    He might be getting on in terms of his age, but nobody came so close to Busquets' highest point status as DM. He's among the major reasons for why Barcelona continued to be dominating throughout a lengthy period in the decade of 2010.

    At 34 old, the player is being praised by a large number of players and fans. His 85 rating in FIFA 23 is proof of that, however his speed makes him a little shaky when he moves his ball in the forward direction.If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit https://www.mmoexp.com/Fut-23/Coins.html


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