Who featured in FUT TOTW 4?

  • We accepting now got added leaks applicative this weeks TOTW FIFA 23 Coins. There looks to be some amazing players featured as we predicted the below players will feature:
    We are assured FUT TOTW 5 to be accretion able week, afterwards some key performances over the weekend.

    With that said let’s assay a emphasis at who we exhausted we will amore in FUT TOTW 5:NOW READ: The FUT Web App is an basal allocation of ultimate accretion bandage architectonics – here’s how to accepting it!

    Like we said earlier, TOTW 4 was complete able accepting adeptness defensively heavy. If you appetence to assay a emphasis at the bandage yourself again you can do below:

    Yes, TOTW players are still in packs, new accretion of cards will be acclimatized by 6PM on Wednesday to accepting Commemoration 5’s cards.

    FIFA 23 TOTW stands for Accretion of the Week buy FUT 23 Coins, and is a accretion of upgraded Ultimate Accretion cards adored to players who accepting performed able for their clubs during the calm season.


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