US Pharmacy Affiliation program:Earn up to 40% Commission on sales Privce & Drop shipment

  • Hi All.

    This is Cristopher Rodriguez & I have been running successful affiliation program for past 24 months,We have introduced new set of program for our pharmacy

    Looking at the current market situation we have found that the affiliates are not paid their profit on time or never.So we have decided to pay on every 7th day fixed

    PS: 1-All medications are available on Credit Cards
    2- All Credit and debit cards are accepted.
    3-100% approval rate after verification from dedicated customer service team
    4- Drop shipment of Non Control medication available (overseas & US shipment both)
    Get 40% of the total sales amount,with no base cost. e.g. (if you sell at $160 earn $64 as your profit.)
    Please reach me on Skype for your further reference


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