What are football betting odds? Guide to viewing them accurately and precisely

  • Football betting has always been favored by many enthusiasts for its excitement and thrill. However, online football betting has not lost its appeal; on the contrary, it has become even more attractive. Especially, understanding the betting odds is something that needs to be carefully explored. Let's explore what football betting odds are and how to accurately read them with win tips!

    What are football betting odds?

    Betting odds are the numbers provided by reputable bookmakers on the betting board before the match takes place. Players rely on them to analyze and place bets. Currently, there are three common types of betting odds applied by top bookmaker sportsbook:

    Asian Handicap

    Asian Handicap, also known as handicap betting, is a very popular type of bet often found at reputable bookmakers. There are many odds divisions in this type of bet, such as: 0-0 handicap, ½ handicap, ¼ handicap, 1.5 handicap, 1: ¼ handicap, etc. Although these are separate branches, most of these handicap bets follow certain rules and have similar betting rules as follows:

    The bookmaker will select any pair of matches, either a random match or a match that the bookmaker has quickly placed bets on.

    The top bookmaker will continue to provide some betting odds, which are determined by the bookmaker itself. Players will look at those odds and prepare their betting plans.

    Players use their knowledge and all the information they have to choose suitable bets.

    The result depends on the score, including the betting odds provided by bookmaker in australia.

    1x2 Betting

    1x2 betting is also known as European betting. This is a type of bet that requires a lot of information about the teams, so it is enthusiastically participated in by many "fans." Partly to demonstrate their knowledge, partly because many players want to win rewards for themselves.

    1x2 is a special match, only focusing on the result of winning or losing, so there are very few branch bets. If so, it's only for the first half, full match, or extra time. Viewing 1x2 betting odds is relatively simple, you just need to pay attention to the following details:

    1 represents the symbol of the home team to win.

    2 represents the symbol of the away team to win.

    X represents the symbol for a draw between the two teams.

    1h is the symbol for the match time in the first half.

    Ft is the symbol for the full match time.

    Over/Under Betting Odds

    Over and Under betting odds are the final betting odds among the top three common bets on all reputable bookmakers. To know how to calculate these football betting odds, you need to have a bit of luck.

    Why do you need luck in this match instead of "showing off" your ability to predict bookmaker odds? That's because this match doesn't focus on the result but rather on the total score in the match. Therefore, placing bets doesn't help much for participants; "luck" is necessary in this match.

    When playing over/under bets, you only need to pay attention to the total number of goals.

    With easy and similar gameplay to mini-games, slot games, reading Over/Under betting odds is straightforward and can be divided into many different betting options, aiming for diversity. Some recognizable Over/Under bets are over/under 1 goal, over/under 2 goals, over/under 0.5 goals, over/under 1.5 goals, etc.

    Sharing common ways to view football betting odds

    Once you understand what football betting odds are, finding a way to view them is not difficult. In fact, you don't need to apply the betting methods of reputable bookmakers or top bookmakers in football betting.

    0-0 Betting

    To master this match, you just need to pay attention to the following:

    This is a draw, so you need information and knowledge about the teams involved.

    You only need to bet on winning or losing; in this bet, if it's a draw, the money will be refunded to the player.

    Evenly Matched Odds

    Evenly matched odds are often applied by many bookmakers when two teams have similar strengths.

    ½ Handicap Betting

    Half-handicap betting is a type of bet commonly seen at bookmakers. In other words, the score of this match will be added to the ½ odds equivalent to 0.5 goals into the score obtained. Reading these odds will have three clear results:

    The bottom-ranked team will win if they lose by no more than 1 goal.

    The upper-ranked team will win if they win by 2 goals.

    If the score is a draw, the bottom-ranked team still wins.

    3-goal Over/Under Betting

    3-goal Over/Under betting often occurs in evenly matched games. Since the total number of goals must be over 3, these matches are usually very attractive. Typically, there are three cases:

    Under wins if the total is less than 3.

    Over wins if the total number of goals is more than 3.

    If the total number of goals is 3, the bookmaker will refund the players.

    1st Half 1x2 Betting

    1st Half 1x2 betting is not common in matches. 1St Half 1x2 betting usually only appears in hot matches with many viewers and participants.

    Players in this match only need to know that the match will not be counted for the entire match; instead, only one half, as determined by the top bookmaker. Therefore, players need to think and make accurate decisions when deciding to analyze and place bets.

    Penalty Betting

    Penalty betting typically involves total card betting. But at some bookmakers, this betting level may be split for yellow and red cards. Viewing these football betting odds is quite simple; players in this match only need to predict whether the number is above or below the number provided by the bookmaker. Like other types of bets, if the number of guesses and the bookmaker's number match, the money will be refunded to the player.

    Above is all the information about football betting odds and how to view them. These perspectives are compiled from the number one bookmaker - wintips, ensuring effectiveness and accuracy. Keep in mind these methods combined with your own experience to achieve big wins. Good luck!


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