E-Commerce Seller onboarding project_Pan India

  • Effic Business Services Pvt Ltd is a service provider specializing in providing Seller acquisition / on boarding services for e-commerce companies in India. We are inviting centers across India to manage the Seller on-boarding project for a leading e-commerce marketplace platform.

    Scope: To manage Seller Acquisition and Onboarding operations for e-commerce Marketplace covering the following set of activities. The scope of work involves inviting qualified sellers (manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers) across various verticals to participate with our reputed e-commerce marketplace and help seller's to list a minimum of 25 products to the platform and go live.

    Center profile: The center should have FOS agents who are skilled to handle the acquisition and onboarding of new sellers to the Marketplace, by interacting with the sellers face to face and through various channels of communication and helping the sellers on various aspects of the Marketplace platform. FOS Consultants should have the basic skills to use a computer/laptop with basic usage of MS Excel, Internet and typing skills. Their skills should also include the ability to persuade and convince sellers to come on board. Consultants to be able to speak English and Hindi fluently. Fluency in regional language will be required based on the zone that the Consultant is working on.

    a. All Hardware including laptop, broadband, WiFi, internet, Software (including MS Excel) for training the Sellers or for any administrative/other purposes need to be provided by Centers to their FOS Consultants and will not be billable to Effic
    b. CRM access will be provided by Effic
    c. Physical work facility for the FOS Consultants to be provided by the Center

    Approach: FOS will support bringing in the right selection on to the Marketplace by following up on your own leads or the leads shared by Effic, go out into the market and onboard sellers from required verticals and zones and onboard them to marketplace. Effic will share a list of focused verticals along with the required number of listings per vertical. We will also share the required attributes for each vertical where applicable.

    Commercial & Incentive Model: Payouts will be rolled out after 1 month of receiving the invoices. The payouts will only happen if the Listings brought in by the seller remains active for a month. Hence the invoice for a particular month can be submitted only after a lag of a month. For ex. Invoice for service (sellers onboarded in Mar’17) can be submitted in the month of May’17

    Process duration - 1 Year

    Training & Support - Train the Trainer program will be done Effic and then the partners to train the FOS Consultants
    a. Training agenda and content will be shared by Effic
    b. Training duration would be for a period of maximum 7 days. Changes in the training duration may be done to accommodate business needs.
    c. Consultants will have to hundergo daily/weekly asessments and also a final asessment after the completion of training
    d. FOS trainer to adhere to content and guidelines
    e. Any logistics, other cost for training of partner’s team will have to be planned by the Partner and will not be borne by Effic
    f. Periodic refreshers will be done along with new product rollouts that would be applicable to this program.

    Interested centers may contact Mr. Shine Joshy on 9846811201 or write to us at [email protected] with your proposal.


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