We have minutes for 871 , austria , lebnon , estonia and all for more details see this

  • People looking for premium minutes

    We Welcome you all here
    My name is Mace Gagnon we are from company Vee Zee Ventures Inc. based up in Texas in States.
    We got our all set up for premium routes across diffrent nation like
    Burkina Faso
    San Marino
    Austria Mobile 8
    San Marino 77 , 500 , 700 , 711
    Swiss mobile 2 -417
    Sierra Leone 232
    44870 2 UK
    Austria Mobile 438
    Austria NGN 438209
    Belgium 32463000071
    Latvia 2 37165153709
    Liechtenstein 4236 , 4237
    Madagascar 26122
    Niger 2279
    Sierra Leone 232
    Somalia 25230
    Togo 228
    UK 44871625 , 871908 , 871300 , 871624 , 871003 and many more
    All series of Austria , lichistein and diffrent nations who provide premium services.
    We provide you the economical rate than any other voip service provider do.
    We do it on both sip and ip based.
    No test account will be provided we can test number on our side.
    Stability and support wil be 24x7 contact anytime to our noc dept.

    We have stable routes from last 6 months thats why he had just launched it in Indian Market.

    Who ever is intrested contact us on
    [email protected]

    Noc Dept.
    Vee Zee Ventures


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