• Hi members,

    We are providing premium routes for some destination
    to dial IPRN numbers.

    All the ground work is verified and confirmed to go on dialing on or before in 24 hours

    Below are the details

    Available now Dominica codes is 1767503,17675045,1767502----@rate 0.23$ per minute

    minimum buying minutes 2000

    maximum buying minutes 25000

    initial prepaying amount 0.23$x1000=230$ + 10$ Transaction fee

    My portal daily payout will be 0.27$ i.e. 1000x0.27$=270$(Profit per day 2000)

    Average profit zone per day if you can dial 5000 minutes 5000x0.27$=1350$
    (VoIP charge 5000x0.23=1150$)

    So average profit will be around 200$(INR-200x67=13400)
    Profit will be unlimited if you increase investment in minutes then profit will be high

    Daily payment will be issued of next day evening 6.PM and weekly payment is every Tuesday

    It is the best offer i can give you so make your preparation asap
    payment and payback of your dialing amount is all my responsibility you can check my identity details
    This is only short term returns business do not depend this income for permanent way even though routes will be available but rates and destinations will be changed.

    For further details contact us:-
    Inspirom Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    Arjun K
    +91 8886557492
    [email protected]
    Skype: [email protected]


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