B2B & B2C calling data for sale

  • Dear Call Centre Partners

    We are really glad to inform all of you that IMMACULATE have now successfully launched their own network in UK and already achieved over 5000 customers.

    The network is been launched with the name of TOPAZ TELECOM.

    We understand the priority for all CallCentres is to make money on the sales which are getting declined in the credit check. Now we have got a solution for that we can provide customers with mobile phones and monthly contracts on the following terms-:

    Customer pays their monthly line rental in advance to us, we can take the money straight away from customer's card.

    No credit check required.

    You can put all declined customers on our network, speak with customer and fill in the form online and then you can live transfer the call to our verification officers and within 5 min centre and customer will get to know if the sale is getting connected or not.
    Dear Call Centre Partners

    We are really glad to inform all of you that IMMACULATE have now successfully launch.

    We are looking to start a relationship with the callcentres, in Julys we are looking to provide broadband, Landline, Mobile phones with credit check.
    Minimum seats required is 10.

    We have started our UK Debt Consolidation as well with best payouts amd best payment terms and getting a fantastic response from all over India.

    Few information about Immaculate Ltd for the centres who don't know much about us
    Got our own office in Delhi and UK.
    Biggest HR provider- Akiko Callnet is a part of Immaculate Ltd
    Have been dealing with callcentre in India from per 5 years.
    Setting up our own callcentre in India, where we are planning to run our own Inbound, Tech support and Collections.

    All interested callcentres please contact us on the numbers mentioned below

    Please feel free if there is anyway i can be of help

    Thanks with regards,
    PANKAJ -
    +91 9911582125
    mail id: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    pankajgupta21 for skype
    [email protected]

    +44 (0) 7869391939
    +44 (0) 2081449933

    mail id: [email protected]
    Messengers -: [email protected]
    [email protected]


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